91 Club

91 Club Bonuses and Rewards

We have many 91 Club Bonuses for you to claim when you register and play at 91Club.

  • First Deposit Bonus : After register and bind bank account to claim the bonus
  • Attendance Bonus : Do deposit till 7 day straight to claim the bonus
  • Gifts Code : Use the code the agent give to receive a bonus
  • Activity Award: Reach till the requirement and claim the bonus awaits you
  • Invitation Bonus : Invite individuals to deposit and play, you will receive the bonus
  • Betting Rebate : Every betting you do will get commission
  • Super Jackpot : Play on slot game and when you have big win can get the bonus
  • VIP Bonus : This bonus you can claim it monthly and every level VIP you increase

First Deposit Bonus

  • Exclusive for the initial recharge of the account, there’s only one opportunity available. However, the more you recharge, the greater the rewards you’ll receive. The top reward stands at ₹8,888.00.
  • Participants are not allowed to engage in activities repeatedly.
  • Rewards are only claimable manually on IOS, Android, H5, and PC platforms.
  • The bonus (excluding the principal) offered in this event necessitates a turnover of 1.00 times the coding (i.e., valid bets) before it becomes eligible for withdrawal. Moreover, the coding does not restrict the platform.
  • This event is restricted to normal human operations performed by the account owner. It is prohibited to engage in renting, using plug-ins, robots, gambling with multiple accounts, brushing each other, arbitrage, interfaces, protocols, exploiting loopholes, group control, or employing any other technical means to participate. Any such actions will result in the cancellation of participation, deduction or freezing of rewards, or even blacklisting.
  • To ensure consistency in text interpretation, the platform reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.
91 Club Bonuses

Attendance Bonus

  • The rewards increase based on the number of consecutive login days, with the maximum rewards obtained after 7 consecutive days.
  • During the activity, please ensure to check once a day.
  • Players without any deposit history are ineligible to claim the bonus.
  • Deposit requirements must be fulfilled starting from day one.
  • The platform reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity.
91 Club Bonuses

Activity Award

  • Complete weekly or daily tasks to receive lucrative rewards.
  • Weekly rewards cannot be carried over to the following week, and daily rewards cannot be carried over to the next day.
91 Club Bonuses

Invitation Bonus

  • The 91 Club Bonuses is only received when the required number of invited accounts is reached, and each account meets the recharge amount.
  • The bonus cannot be claimed if the invited account meets the requirements but its recharge amount does not meet the specified criteria.
  • Please ensure to claim the event bonus within the event period. All bonuses will be cleared once the event expires.
  • Please ensure to complete the task within the event period. After the event expires, the invitation record will be cleared.
91 Club Bonuses

Super Jackpot

  • When you win the Super Jackpot in the game, you are eligible to receive additional platform bonuses. These bonuses will be distributed to you based on the multiple of the winning prize.
91 Club Bonuses

Note: Please ensure to claim all bonuses before the event concludes. After the event ends, you will lose the opportunity to receive the 91 Club Bonuses.

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