91 Club Deposit Bonus Rules

91 Club gives every newly registered player a chance to be a winner by giving them the first 91 Club Deposit Bonus. Depositing will automatically give you rewards to claim.

First 91 Club Deposit Bonus Rules

First 91 Club Deposit
  1. This offer is exclusively available for the initial account recharge. You have a single opportunity to avail of it. The greater the amount you recharge, the greater the rewards you’ll earn. The top reward amounts to ₹8,888.00.
  2. Participants cannot engage in activities repeatedly.
  3. Rewards must be manually claimed on IOS, Android, H5, and PC platforms.
  4. The bonus provided in this event, excluding the principal amount, necessitates 1.00 times the coding turnover (i.e., valid bets) before it becomes eligible for withdrawal, and the coding is not restricted to any specific platform.
  5. This event is restricted to regular human operations conducted by the account owner. The use of rentals, plug-ins, robots, gambling with multiple accounts, mutual brushing, arbitrage, interfaces, protocols, exploiting loopholes, group control, or any other technical methods for participation is strictly prohibited. Violation of these rules will result in cancellation of participation, deduction or freezing of rewards, or even blacklisting.
  6. To ensure consistency in text comprehension, the platform retains the right for the final interpretation of this event.

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